I love this book and the messages it offers. The CARE Equation is simple: Clarity, Autonomy, Relationships, and Equity. And the descrip­tions of each, along with the biases they create, are straightforward. It would benefit all leaders to CARE a little more in the workplace, and this book will help you get started.

- Lisa Bodell CEO of FutureThink and Award-Winning Author of Kill the Company and Why Simple Wins

The CARE Equation is exactly what high-performing leaders need to build high-performing teams. Make the commitment to practice CARE daily, and you’ll be rewarded with higher engagement and retention.

- Shep Hyken New York Times Bestselling Author of The Amazement Revolution

Alex Draper Sits Down with Experts to Explore 'CARE to Win' and the Rise of People-First Leadership

What is CARE?

CARE stands for Clarity, Autonomy, Relationships and Equity®, the human skills to get the hard stuff done. This not the cuddly type of CARE! 

There is nothing soft about effective leadership, so let's stop calling them soft skills.

CARE is a relevant and modern leadership playbook for anyone who leads other human beings.

Leaders WIN through their people by valuing the importance of leading in ways that create collaborative team environments for them to perform at their best.

CARE to Win will provide a simple, applicable, and science-based leadership toolkit that ties together everything you know, or don’t know, about effective leadership.

6 Things This Book
Will Teach You

  • 1 Discover the critical strategies for fostering psychological safety within your team to unlock peak performance. Understand the essential practices that create a supportive environment, allowing team members to thrive and collaborate effectively.
  • 2 Unlock Leadership Excellence: Embrace the human skills of Clarity, Autonomy, Relationships, and Equity for impactful leadership.
  • 3 Foster Stronger Teams: Cultivate mutual trust and effective communication to enhance productivity.
  • 4 Navigate Complexity with Confidence: Lead decisively through challenges and uncertainty.
  • 5 Embrace Empowerment: Cultivate a culture of trust that encourages calculated risk-taking. Learn how to empower your team members to make bold decisions confidently, fostering innovation and driving forward momentum.
  • 6 Equity vs Equality: Effective leadership does not follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Discover how to be agile and adaptable to maximize the potential of everyone you lead.

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About the Author

Alex began his professional journey as a trainee schoolteacher in the UK. His career took a significant turn in 2002 when he transitioned into adult education, joining a leading global management training organization. His expertise and dedication led him to Chicago in 2005, where he was instrumental in establishing and heading the company's American operations. 

In Chicago, Alex discovered his true calling: fostering leadership capabilities focused on emotional intelligence (EQ) rather than solely on intellectual quotient (IQ). This revelation paved the way for his entrepreneurial venture in 2015 with the launch of his organization, DX Learning (DX). 

DX is a pioneering firm that blends human capital optimization with advanced leadership development techniques. Its primary mission is to eradicate workplace toxicity and prepare organizations, leaders, and teams to prioritize people, ultimately shaping businesses that are truly worth being a part of. 

DX’s intellectual property, The CARE Equation, has been a cornerstone of its success. Under Alex’s leadership, DX has significantly impacted the leadership landscape, developing and unleashing the potential of over 40,000 individuals worldwide. Alex and DX have spearheaded a human-centric movement through engaging keynotes, conferences, offsites, retreats, and bespoke leadership programs for all employees from top to bottom. 

Beyond his professional achievements, Alex remains committed to being a people-first leader, not just in the corporate sphere but also in his personal life. This balance of professional acumen and personal empathy encapsulates his approach to leadership and organizational development.

Alex Draper HS

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Discover Your Leadership Potential

Understand your levels of Clarity, Autonomy, Relationships and Equity.

Uncover how you might need to tweak your leadership approach and gain valuable insights to become a more effective leader.

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Q1. Do you often feel confused about your role or responsibilities at work?

A. Yes, frequently

B. Sometimes

C. Rarely

D. Never

Q2. How much control do you feel you have over the way you do your job?

A. None at all

B. Very little

C. A moderate amount

D. A great deal

Q3. How strong are the personal connections you have with your team members or colleagues?

A. Very weak

B. Somewhat weak

C. Somewhat strong

D. Very strong

Q4. Do you feel that resources and opportunities are distributed fairly within your team or organization?

A. Not at all

B. Rarely

C. Sometimes

D. Always

CARE To Win Quiz:

Result: Needs Improvement

It seems like there are several areas where you could benefit from more Clarity, Autonomy, Relationships, and Equity in your workplace. Consider exploring the CARE framework to enhance your work experience.

CARE To Win Quiz:

Result: Fair

You have some aspects of CARE in place, but there is room for improvement. Focusing on specific areas can help you create a more positive and productive work environment.

CARE To Win Quiz:

Result: Good

You are doing well in most areas of CARE, but there may still be opportunities to enhance certain aspects to achieve even higher performance and satisfaction.

CARE To Win Quiz:

Result: Congratulations!

You have a strong foundation of Clarity, Autonomy, Relationships, and Equity in your work life. Keep up the great work and continue to build on these principles.

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Bring the CARE Equation to Your Workplace with Alex Draper

Are you looking to transform your workplace culture and enhance team performance through a keynote or a tailored session? Alex will guide you on how to lead with Clarity, Autonomy, Relationships, and Equity, fostering a people-first environment that eliminates workplace toxicity.


CARE to Win
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"Care to Win" is for leaders, managers, entrepreneurs to create psychological safety, higher performance, and CARE within their teams, or organizations.

You get improved team collaboration, enhanced communication, more trust and engagement, increased innovation, and ultimately, greater organizational success.

Yes. The principles and strategies outlined in "Care to Win" apply across various industries, sectors, and organizations. It’s based on people not industries. Whether you're leading a start up, a large corporation, a non-profit organization, or a remote team, the CARE Playbook is for you.

"Care to Win" is a unique approach to leadership in the modern workplace. It’s relevant, simple and immediately impactful, bringing together many concepts we have all heard of before, and ties it all together into something we can all use to improve our leadership.

Yes, readers of "Care to Win" will have access to more resources, including downloadable templates, case studies, habit-forming technology, and implementation guides to support their learning journey. Additionally, the author may offer workshops, webinars, or coaching services to further enhance your understanding and application of the CARE Playbook.